Travel with more purpose

I have an unending interest in history, which is one reason that travel is so fun for me, as everywhere you go there is some history.  Some recent some ancient.   From old buildings, historic events, to personal history and ancestral history.

Ireland is intriguing to me because my grandmother’s grandparents came over to America from here.  I have been able to trace my roots back this far easily enough using several free databases over the years online, and through corresponding with other long lost family members, but now I have the ability to find even more!

I am pleased to announce that has signed on as an official sponsor of my adventure.

I first discovered while I was recovering from my surgeries in 2010.  They are a wonderful way to create family trees and to share them as well.   You download their family tree building (HERE) and you can build and input your information like so many other software options. This free software is very powerful (offering book and chart building and printing, as well as research options and subscriptions available), but the most intriguing feature and what I think sets them apart is that when you sign up with them for a free (or premium account for more features) you get a website of your tree that also acts as a cloud-based backup of your family tree data!  You can build your tree offline and then upload it when you have a connection (Perfect for the genealogist on the road, like me!) Whats more  you can share this website with others, and they periodically scan the trees and compare to see if there are any matches in other trees that you might not know of!  I have already found several distant relatives through this feature.  They also have a mobile app that lets you add info and share photos on the fly and view your tree as well.  Very useful for finding out new info while away from you computer or notes.

Part of the benefit for the sponsorship is that it will allow me to earn some income while I am on the road.  With their powerful data subscriptions they have provided me, I can now do various look ups for people and charge a small fee, helping to power my travels.  While I am traveling I can also go and see the land of my ancestors from all lines!  Ireland, Germany (Prussia), Holland, Denmark!  Who knows where else my roots will take me, but that is part of the excitement, the search!

I’m very happy to add MyHeritage to list of sponsors that are supporting my efforts to inspire people to travel for many different reasons. Maybe it’s because you couldn’t due to illness for a long time like me, or maybe it’s to find your family history.  In any case, travel far, and travel safe.



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