Face of a Traveler


081614This is a time lapse of myself, started on Dec 3rd, 2012.  Every few days I took a new self portrait and added it to this gif image.  The final update for this gif was 08/16/2014 when I finally cut my hair off. I donated it to a charity called “Wigs for Kids” (Total donation was 12 Inches!).  As the name implies, they make wigs for children who have lost their hair from cancer and other medical conditions. I did this rather suddenly, with out much fan fare because my mother was diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer. After chemo and radiation treatments, her hair began falling out. She decided to cut it off to prevent messes and discomfort, so my Dad and I also did. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing how months of travel on the road will change your look.  Please check out Wigs for Kids, as they are a great charity to donated your hair and money to.

If you’d like to help my own mother’s fight out, you can please send good thoughts and well wishes her way, or prayers if you are so inclined. You can also visit THIS GoFundMe page for more information about her fight. Thank you and I hope you will feel compelled to help out an organization like Wigs for Kids out at some point in the future.  If this story has inspired you to do so, please let me know with a quick message HERE,  or on my Facebook page HERE.