Phoenix, Monkey Pants, New Sponsor!

(Originally Published 3.25.13)

It has been a seriously busy week! I made it Phoenix Safe and sound the day before St. Patrick’s day, taking a bus from Las Vegas. It was a long trip, about 6 hours, with only one stop. The company is one that primary markets to Spanish speaking patrons so the TV’s inside the depots were tuned into Spanish stations, but at least the movies on the bus’s small screen DVD players were in English with Spanish subtitles. We made good time, arriving an hour ahead of schedule, though it was still nice to get out and stretch my legs.

After a short wait, my friend from high school came and picked me up. We headed to his house and I met his roommates and a few of his friends. Later that evening we went to one of his favorite local hang out spots called Monkey Pants. You read that correctly, Monkey Pants. It’s a fun pub atmosphere and has good food as well. We ate there and had a few drinks with some people we met while there from various places and had a very good time. The new friends we made decided I needed a few tokens from them on my journey so I ended up with a 2 dollar bill (Never to be spent, as it is a lucky charm) and an expired pass to a museum in the area. Random things, yes, but memorable things to put on a wall some day when I have walls again.

The next day was St. Patrick’s day, so we donned a wee bit o’ green and headed into the old part of Phoenix to meet a few more friends my host had made since moving here to Phoenix. From there we all headed to a small pub called Rose and Crown where there was live music and outdoor seating. It was a warm day with a slight breeze that made for a pretty fun day listening and talking with even more new friends.

Since then I’ve been exploring the area a bit. I’m technically in Tempe, and its a lovely area. Monkey Pants is open all day, and it’s a pretty relaxed place to hang out as it turns out with good food and very nice staff. The weather has been very nice, not too hot and not cold. From talking to other people who live here it will be getting quite a bit hotter soon so I managed to pick the perfect time to come!

On another cool note, my new sponsor, Scottevest, had sent a jacket to me ahead of me, and I finally got to try it on! It’s the Scottevest Expedition Jacket (See link) in Safari. It has an incredible network of pockets for every purpose, and integrated technology features such as the Personal Area Network and touch through screens on some pockets. The Personal Area Network lets you run your headphones and other cords from the pockets to the collar then has flaps and bungee holders to keep your headphones in place. The touch through pocket material allows you to operate your touch screen device while it still is with in the pocket. Two very nice features when you are on the go. Be sure to check out Scottevests website here and see their full lineup of jackets for men and women as well as other travel clothing and gear. I will be taking some pictures of me sporting the jacket soon, and will also be doing a video of all the pockets also. There are so many that I am still exploring all the uses and what not for them !

I also should mention that I am doing a complete remodel of the website and will be switching over soon. The new Layout is cleaner and a bit easier to maintain, plus adds the feature of being fully compatible with the Iphone and other mobile devices. Not sure on the final release date, but it should be soon! Thanks for checking in, be sure to like the page and share using facebook! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to fire me an email here!

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