The trip from Southampton, England to Dublin, Ireland was fairly uneventful.  A couple of long bus rides, which I’m used to now, after my trek across the southern states back in April.  In Holyhead on the west coast of England, the bus boarded a 700 foot long ferry that was bound for Dublin. It was only about a 6 hour ride, but the ferry was set up quite nicely.  It had a small restaurant and coffee shop, a bar and lounge, and several very nicely arranged lounges. The people off the bus, being 1:30 in the morning, quickly filled the more comfortable seats, while I found one that was nearby a power outlet to recharge my phone.

The ferry started underway and was smooth sailing.  The waves below could hardly be felt, even more stable that the 1100 ft cruise ship I had made it across the Atlantic aboard.  I was able to get a few moments of sleep before we landed in Dublin, just as daylight had broke.  Back on board the bus, we set out for the Dublin bus terminal where I switched to a local commuter bus heading for Kilcullen.

Now something that should be pointed out before I continue, is that buses in the UK and Ireland have seatbelts, and its required by law to wear them.  Also, the seat belts make perfect little pillows when your head dips down after 24 hours of traveling.  So I may have partially fell asleep and missed my stop.  It’s quite disorientating to wake up and notice that your stop should have been 25 minutes ago, and none of the area looks familiar.   Then you remember it isn’t familiar because you’ve never been there before and it makes sense.

Luckily the next stop was a train station and major stop for the commuter buses and I was able to catch another bus heading back to Kilcullen where I needed to be.  The bus driver was nice and laughed a bit, and made sure I got off where I needed to this time.  After that it was a short cab ride to the Resort I was to be staying at.  After introducing myself to the manager and explaining my little mix up, they had set me up with the other helpers in the staff quarters and I was introduced to my room mates, a couple from Spain and a young man from Italy.

So far it’s been wonderful being in Ireland.  The climate reminds me of home, very green, not too warm, not too cold, rain and sun and hail all within an hour of each other.

There will be more stories coming, and some pictures as well. I am out in the countryside a bit, so I think there will be some wonderful chances to get some great pictures soon.  Talk to you all soon!


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