Here are links and references to instances of me being featured in radio talks, in print, or as a guest blogger on other websites!

Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Interviews:

Nov. 2012 – KTKN Radio, Ketchikan, Alaska.  – Various appearances leading up to the start of the adventure

Dec. 12, 2012 – KTKN Radio, Ketchikan, Alaska – Last time on the radio while home. Left on the ferry to Bellingham Washington later that day.

January, 2013: KTKN, KFMJ Radio, Ketchikan, Alaska – Various call in appearances and interviews.

March 25, 2013 – Southern Utah News article:

Guest Blogs:

June 24. 2013 – MyHeritage Blog, Guest Blogger –

July 27, 2013 – MyHeritage Blog, Guest Blogger –

Travel Blog Interviews:

July 12, 2013 – Gotta Keep Moving, The Travel 10: interview –

August 19, 2013 – Chronicles of Wanderlust, Wanderlust Interviews.

February 6th, 2015 – The Hungry Partier, “What’s your Craziest Story in a Foreign Country?”

Photograph Features:

July 17, 2013 – Traveling Ange, Photo of the Week –


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