Gotta Keep Movin’

Well I’ve been in Ireland a bit longer than I intended, but now I must be heading on to my next location.  I will be traveling to France next.  I will be in Paris for a few days, and then in a rural area about 2 hours West of Paris, Villedieu Poeles.  I will be staying there for 4 or 5 weeks, and helping teach English to students there.  I leave on Tuesday and will arrive in Villedieu Poeles on the 21st.

The area I will be in is rural, and full of history. From William the conqueror through to WW2. It’s a region known for it’s copper-smithing, and copper craftsmanship.

I’ve enjoyed Ireland immensely, and met some very fun and kind people here.  It’s a beautiful place, and I could see myself spending a lot more time exploring the countryside.  I hope to return one day and see more parts of the island, and would love some day to bring a few of my Irish friends here and give them a good feel of the place.

I will be out of communications to some extent over the next week while I make my way into France. I will have intermittent WiFi access, and also will be doing a lot of traveling and sight seeing while my journey commences.  I will try to post little snippets here and there, and will make sure to update you all when I make it to Villedieu Poeles and have time to edit all the photos I’ll be taking and upload them here for you all to enjoy.

I also updated the “Face of a Traveler” animation HERE.  It now has 105 images that have been taken over the last 8 months.  No hair cuts!  My mane is really getting long. I think its close to laying over too, as opposed to be a big poof of a tangle.

Stay tuned!




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