Bucket List

We have all seen bucket list posts on the internet. They contain incredible things to do, places to see, things to try.  I think it’s important to have a list, not that you have to do everything on it, but it gives you a perspective on the things you find interesting, and the passions that you hold.  It also gives you a goal.  Things seem to become more permanent when you write them down and they’re out there for someone to see.  Even my own adventure didn’t seem real till one day when I wrote out the concept to show a friend of mine when I was trying to plan certain aspects of it all.

If you have it written down, somewhere -a page in a notebook tucked away somewhere, or a webpage blog post – you will remember it.  If one day the opportunity came up to complete an item on a your bucket list, that’s what will pop into your head, crossing that item off.  If you haven’t written it down, its not nearly as real in your own mind. Being faced with the opportunity won’t have the context of “Crossing one off my list”, it will just be “Something I’ve thought of doing”.  Write it down. Even if its silly or the likelihood of it happening is zilch. You don’t have to share it with anyone, you don’t have to take it out and fret over it every day.  Just make the list, and know that its there.  Add to it. Delete from it! Your list is not set in stone, it should be ever evolving, just like you are.

In that spirit, I have decided to put my list here, for all to see.  It is transcribed from several lists I’ve made over the years, so not all are travel related, but many are. I will add things that are already done, and cross them out, so you can see how things are going.  I will also try to keep it updated as I find more things from it, and add to it.

Ty’s Bucket List

Places to See

Valley of the Kings in Egypt

Great Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt


Ireland  May 20, 2013

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Blarney Stone, Ireland

Stonehenge, England  May 9, 2013

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Base camp, Mt. Everest

Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Petra, Jordan

Vatican City

Eiffel Tower, France August 2013

Catacombs beneath Paris, France August 2013

Great wall of China

Nazca Lines by air, Peru

Machu Pikchu, Peru

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Easter Island, Chile

Pompeii, Italy

Rome, Italy

Coliseum, Rome, Italy

Athens, Greece

Parthenon, Athens

Things to Try/See/Do


Scuba dive The Great Barrier Reef

See a lion, a tiger and a bear (Alaska-Numerous times) in the wild.

See Gorillas in the wild

Visit 100 Countries

Visit all 7 Continents

Visit all 50 States

See a sunrise/sunset on both coasts of the US April 2013

Sail in all 5 Oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic,  and Southern Ocean)

Step Foot in Both Atlantic and Pacific Coasts.

Hike Pacific Crest Trail (Alaska/Canada – Mexico)

Hike Appalachian Trail

Circumnavigate the globe with out using air travel

Visit the Top of the Empire State building, New York City, New York

Stand on the highest public point of the tallest building in the world

Have a Guinness in a pub in IrelandJuly 11,2013

Get 100 Signatures on my Travel Guitar

Donate Blood 100 times

Donate hair to Wigs for Kids  July 2015 (See progress HERE)

Shoot a Portrait of a famous person

Publish a book

Make a living as an Artist

Play Guitar for a large crowd (Over 250 People) – August 25th, 2012 (Ward Stock, with Ty’s ; )

Play Guitar for a large crowd (Over 1000 People)

Play Guitar on stage with or Open for a Major Musician