About The Trek

I left my home in Ketchikan, Alaska on December 12th, 2012 aboard an Alaska Marine Highway Ferry and traveled for nearly 10 months all the way to France. A total of more than 12600 miles! I traveled without using air travel, forcing myself to slow down in the places I visited.

In Paris, France, I received a very strange and disturbing note (Read more here) that basically said to leave. After discussing it with my family and noting the various unrest in the area at the time (August 2013) I decided to take it seriously and left soon after. Eventually I will pick up where I left off and continue my adventures, but until then, I will be traveling more domestically and seeing new places. While it won’t add to my goal of circumnavigation, it will help complete my desire to see the world!

You can see my photographs here, view my blog here, and see a map of where I’ve been here.